A Solution When Assisted Living Will Not Accept Pets in Austin

It’s a heartbreaking thing when the best friend and companion of your senior or elderly loved one—their pet—is not allowed to move into an assisted living facility when more comprehensive care is needed.

Time and time, again, we see seniors unwilling to prematurely end a relationship with their pet that has often spanned longer than a decade. Just because a senior is in need of closer care, however, does not mean that they must get rid of their pet(s).

In Home Care for Seniors with Pets

An alternative to moving your loved one into an assisted living facility can be to implement an in-home caregiver who provides many of the same services, often go above and beyond anything an assisted living facility is able to provide.

While many assisted living facilities in Austin are only able to provide a roof to live under, three meals a day, and a modicum of care when it comes to certain medical procedures, an in-home caregiver can often go above and beyond.

In-home caregivers will come to a senior’s home on a full-time or part-time basis and provide everything from meal preparation and transportation services to incontinence care and beyond.

Explore the Services a Good Caregiver Can Provide:

Fall Proofing & Pet-Proofing Elderly Homes in Austin, TX

When it comes to seniors with pets, it’s important to “pet proof” the home. This is another task that can be delegated to Austin Home Health. When you have to start thinking about your loved one and their health in old age, there can be so many questions and things to think about.

Austin Home Health has a team of experts who only deal with senior living and in-home health care services on a daily basis. We have helped so many elderly and seniors regain a sense of their independence. We know exactly the type of “problem areas” that can make falls in the house more likely and will help you and your family put together a plan of action to safeguard against those falls.

Pets Provide Comfort for Seniors and Elderly

Pets, of course, provide a great sense of comfort for seniors, but they can also make for a greater risk of falling around the house. By setting up proper boundaries and areas, while having a caregiver on site, pet ownership can be enjoyed by seniors and elderly right in the comfort of their home.

Many of our caregiver programs in Austin start at as low as $100/week and give seniors a growing sense of mobility and independence, once again. If you and your family are in the middle of making decisions about your loved one’s care, we’d love to jump on a phone call with you to help you better understand your options. Please, call us 24/7, today: (512) 766-0103