Personal Care

Personal Care for Seniors and Elderly in Austin, TX

It’s no secret that confidence is intimately related to the way we feel about our ability to take care of ourselves. Unfortunately, many seniors and elderly are reaching an age where even taking care of basic needs like bathing and taking medications is a struggle.

Austin Home Health is filling the need in the Austin community to provide responsible caregivers who can take care of the growing list of personal care items seniors require to maintain a strong self-image and well-maintained mind, body, spirit, and home.

Is your loved one struggling with any of the following:

  • Regular hygiene and grooming
  • Getting in and out of the bath or shower
  • Struggling with incontinence
  • Medication reminders and accurate pill count
  • Preparing meals and help with feeding / eating
  • Mobility assistance around the house and otherwise

Many seniors and elderly struggle with their personal care, but are often too proud to admit it until it becomes too late. It can be incredibly embarrassing for seniors to turn over such basic functionality, like personal grooming and eating, to a caregiver, even though this is an issue that plagues millions upon millions in the elderly community.

Our caregivers are trained to give unconditionally and without judgment. They know how to respect those they are caring for by giving them the care, attention, and discretion required for successful caregiving. Our caregivers are kind, professional, and effective in their work.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming for Seniors

As we grow in age, it becomes more and more important for us to be able to maintain the personal lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to wherever possible. Naturally, life is change, but simple personal functionality like combing of the hair, shaving, staying moisturized, and more can easily create discomfort and dissatisfaction that can result in a downward spiral. One thing leads to another unless our elders have the proper care and attention that allows them to maintain their self-image and confidence.

Our caregivers are trained to provide hygiene and grooming services for any age-group and do so with a friendly, upbeat, and positive attitude.

Help for Elderly in Bath and Shower

The New York Times has proclaimed the bathroom one of the most dangerous places in the house, and these injuries are even more pronounced as we approach the later years of life.

According to the New York Times, “More than a third of the injuries happen while bathing or showering. More than 14 percent occur while using the toilet. Injuries increase with age, peaking after 85, the researchers found…People over 85 suffer more than half of their injuries near the toilet.”

One of our goals at Austin Home Health is to prevent injuries by helping install preventative measures in the homes of our seniors while assisting those who need it with personal care in the bath and shower.

Seniors Struggling with Incontinence Can Get Help in Austin, TX

Incontinence is one of those dreaded things that can sometimes come with old age and is often one of the hardest for families and loved-ones to face. Rarely do we anticipate the loss of control over our bladder, but more and more seniors are suffering from these issues.

Our caregivers are both kind and professional when it comes to dealing with the preventative and post-incident processes required to deal with such a sensitive subject. Seniors who feel embarrassed will be encouraged by the positive attitude in which these scenarios are handled, leaving less room for depression and other psychological impacts from incontinence.

Medication Reminders for the Elderly and Accurate Pill Count

Noncompliance when it comes to seniors taking their proper doses of medication is a serious issue. Studies show that noncompliance in the elderly—those who refuse to or mistakenly take the wrong dosage—ranges from 40-percent to as high as 75-percent.

Three forms of drug noncompliance are typically found when it comes to seniors taking their medication. They are:

  1. Overuse and abuse of medication
  2. Forgetting to take medication
  3. Alteration of medication schedule or dosage

These three forms of noncompliance are highest when a senior is taking three or more pills a day and increases significantly as dementia and depression become more prevalent.

Our caregivers at Austin Home Health provide a much-needed service by helping seniors stay on a consistent medication schedule with accurate dosages in compliance with each senior’s doctor’s orders. This assistance assures that all symptoms being addressed by the prescribed medication stay in check and are properly maintained.

Preparing Meals for the Elderly and Help with Feeding / Eating

It isn’t always apparent, but many elderly slowly begin to lose their appetite. It can be disheartening when someone you love has stopped eating, as no one wants to watch the side-effects slowly brought on by malnutrition.

Whether it’s lack of appetite due to pain or depression, or just an inability to properly feed oneself, our caregivers are professionally trained to help the elderly maintain a regular schedule of meal preparation, feeding, eating, and nutritional awareness.

Mobility Assistance Around the House and Otherwise

So much of our day-to-day freedom revolves around our ability to have bodily mobility. When this mobility begins to fail us in old age, it can not only be disheartening but trigger deep states of depression.

We counteract that downward spiral brought on by loss of mobility by offering many different solutions that can keep seniors and elderly mobile and able to easily get around the house, neighborhood, and beyond.

Ever home health scenario is unique and our specialist always take into account your family’s specific needs and desires. Request a phone call today and get the answers to all of your questions and the exact information you need to make this important decision.

We've been there. We understand.

Everything we do is driven by our universal mission: to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families.