Domestic Care Services for Seniors in Austin, TX

As our loved-ones get older, it’s important that they are able to maintain a schedule and keep up the lifestyle that they’ve grown accustomed to. It can become difficult for many elderly people or senior citizen to perform chores or tasks that only a few short years ago seemed so simple.

This can be a frustrating time for seniors and their family. It’s one of the reasons that Austin Home Health has such high demand for our quality domestic care services. We pride ourselves in being one of the top providers of domestic home services for seniors.

Our domestic home care services include the following, but we are always putting together custom plans to meet our client’s needs:

  • Housekeeping for seniors
  • Laundry care for the elderly
  • Meal preparation
  • Friendly companionship whenever it is needed
  • Recreational activities
  • Household chores and tasks
  • Much more, based on client needs
Light Housekeeping Means a Happy, Organized Life

As many of our seniors move on in age, they discover that household chores become more and more of a burden. Family members and close kin are not always available to come by our seniors’ house every single day to take out the trash or fold the laundry.

At Austin Home Health, we provide seniors and the elderly with a myriad of domestic care services that allow our clients to continue living fruitful, active, and satisfying lives. A big part of feeling satisfied is living in a clean, unobstructed home. Our caregivers keep seniors company and provide friendly companionship while making sure that household chores are completed in a timely fashion.

Laundry Services for Seniors

Whether your loved-one has their own washer and dryer or not, Austin Home Health provides the necessary resources to make sure that seniors and the elderly have clean clothes on a regular basis that are folded and sorted to suit each client’s needs.

Caregivers in Austin, TX are able to handle laundry services as they balance a list of chores to be done around each senior’s home, or laundry services can be sent out to be done at a 3rd party facility and returned to our elders fresh, folded, and ready to wear.

Meal Preparation for the Elderly in Austin, TX

It has been well-documented and field tested that a healthy diet is a key contributor to a happy senior citizen. Imagine having every meal cooked and prepared for you just the way you like them. Our seniors deserve the best from our caregivers and that includes a well-cooked meal.

Let us find you a caregiver who is not only a professional when it comes to domestic house chores, but can also dazzle and amaze in the kitchen. Meals can be prepared off-site and delivered to a senior’s home, or prepared fresh, on-site in a senior’s kitchen.

Special dietary needs are not an issue, our caregivers take into account everything required by the seniors they look after and prepare meals that suit their tastes and sensibilities. Doctors love our meal preparation services because research continues to show how closely linked a well-balanced diet is to health and longevity.

Seniors just feel better when they are well-fed. At Austin Home Health, we make happy hearts and tummies a reality, plus so much more.

Friendly Companionship for Senior Citizens in Austin

The senior citizens of today are a unique bridge to the past, but it can often become lonely for seniors who begin to lose friends and fall out of contact with neighbors and family. It just isn’t always feasible to have a close family member around at all times.

But our seniors deserve to spend their later years in comfort and to have an outlet for sharing what they’ve learned over the years. Our caregivers are thrilled to be able to spend time with seniors on a regular basis. They provide a friendly ear and know how to treat their elders with the respect they deserve.

It’s nice to have a friend—someone who continues to stay interested in your day-to-day activities. Some research even shows that the strength of one’s interpersonal relationships can have an effect on one’s outlook on life and ultimate lifespan.

Let Austin Home Health provide your loved-one with a springboard for thought that keeps them alert, up to date, and relevant in an ever-changing world.

Household Chores for Seniors and the Elderly

It’s amazing how much is taken for granted in our world. Especially little things, like being able to pour a glass of juice on a hot summer day, or peel an orange.

As our seniors get on in age, little chores around the house become more and more difficult. Our caregivers at Austin Home Health are trained and prepared to make life for seniors easy, even as certain motor facilities begin to need more attention.

The elderly deserve having someone around who can be attentive to their needs on a regular basis. Our caregivers offer everything from sweeping and mopping to peeling of vegetables to reading aloud. Whatever type of companionship and help around the house your love-one needs, we can help.

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