Senior & Elderly Around the Clock Care in Austin, TX

Deciding whether or not around the clock home care is needed can be an incredibly stressful decision to make. When it comes to caring for the senior in your life, ultimately the choice comes down to what will make them the most comfortable as they approach the end of their life.

Every family is approaching the choice of home care from a very specific set of existing health conditions and the severity of those conditions plays into whether around the clock home care is desired or required.

In many scenarios, in-home care or Hospice support ends up improving a senior’s situation, often against all expectations of doctors. Other times, the burden of care is just too great and a dedicated facility is required.

Regardless of your particular scenario, in-home care is certainly worth the consideration.

Why In-Home Around the Clock Care Makes Sense for Many Seniors

Whether your loved one just needs basic household chores and meal preparation is done on a regular basis or is suffering from dementia, a good in-home caregiver can do so much to relieve families of some of the stress the scenario puts them under.

An around the clock caregiver is able to tend to personal care, toileting, making sure there are no incidents in the shower, meal preparation and feeding, medicine reminders, physical therapy, cognitive brain games, companionship, and so much more.

Families often comment, after bringing in a caregiver, how they’ve been able to get back to just being with their senior, instead of always stressing about what tasks were outstanding. Having a team of practitioners and consultants who have seen thousands of seniors growing in age and successfully designed programs that improve quality of life can alleviate so many concerns that tend to start ballooning in nature.

Creating Both a Physical and Emotional Support System

It isn’t easy watching someone you love approach the end of their life. It requires a great deal of patience, often paired with both physical and emotional strength. A good caregiver isn’t just there to tend to the needs of the senior you love, they are there to assist you and your family through this entire process.

An in-home care program paired with Hospice can certainly create the circumstances for extended life, but more importantly, having a well-trained and experienced caregiver can give you peace of mind, so that you don’t become overwhelmed and start blaming yourself.

As you look into all of the options available to you and your family, our team of home health care experts at Austin Home Health would love to speak with you over the phone to help you make sense of it all. Our 24/7 home care support line is always available to you and your family to get the answers you need when you need them. We look forward to hearing from you. (512) 766-0103