Case Study: In-Home Care for Stroke Recovery

Suffering from having a stroke can be a frightening experience not only for the senior having the stroke but for the family who must then help make important decisions in the aftermath.

This success story is about an Austin Home Health client who suffered from his 3rd stroke with debilitating results. We’ve kept him anonymous for the sake of his privacy, but have gained his permission to share his success in an effort to inspire others in a similar scenario. For the ease of narrative, we’ll call him: William.

Going For Full Recovery in Austin After Having a Stroke

William was an incredibly independent man before his stroke and had little to no family assistance available to him. He was not satisfied with the options that had been given to him and wanted to find a team that believed, as he did, that full recovery was possible.

That’s when he contacted Austin Home Health to find a partner in his recovery success. It was necessary for us to put together an in-home care program for William that included 24-hour, around the clock, care in the beginning.

William was absolutely determined to get better. He needed an in-home caregiver who was not just a sitter, but someone to help him with his rehab exercises on a regular basis. He had tried another agency and they were unable to fit his need for providing ongoing rehabilitation services in his home.

A Collaborative Approach with Open Communication

William was a guy who expected success and demanded a level of quality care that was custom tailored to meeting that picture of success. Together, he and Austin Home Health kept in close communication about his progress and his ever-shifting needs, based on each phase of his recovery.

There is so much trust that goes into a successful rehabilitation. William was not only open and honest with Austin Home Health, he was willing to offer us his trust and put his own recovery in our hands.

Success with In-Home Care and Physical Therapy

When we first began working with William, he was unable to stand up straight, nearly inverted in his posture. He went to work and began working with a caregiver and physical therapist who came to his home daily.

Over the course of 6 months, William went from being completely chair and bedridden to being up on his feet with the assistance of a cane or walker. Day-to-day care and physical therapy continued until William was successfully able to walk on his own. This has given William a huge sense of accomplishment and his independence back.

Now, post-recovery, William has been able to cut back his in-home care to only a couple of days a week for a few hours each day and continues to recover and see improvement.

From complete immobility after his stroke to full mobility and independence in his home, William is a huge success and testament to the power of strong intent and a powerful support system.

If you or someone you love has suffered a stroke and you would like to speak with one of our in-home care experts, please give us a call 24/7. We’d love to take your call and help you make sense of your options: (512) 766-0103