Case Study: Finding Success with Hospice and In-Home Care in Austin

As seniors approach the end of their life, it can be a beautiful time of reflection and shared experiences with family. Unfortunately, it is not always feasible for family to step in 24-hours a day and tend to every single need.

This success story is about an Austin Home Health client on Hospice suffering from anxiety about her lung condition and inability to breathe. We’ve kept her anonymous for the sake of her privacy, but have gained her permission to share her success in an effort to inspire others in a similar scenario. For the ease of narrative, we’ll call her: June.

June was suffering from frequent panic attacks brought on by her inability to process the health issues that she knew would ultimately result in her death. It was important that she have someone with her who could hold her hand, remind her to breathe slowly, and remind her about things which were meaningful to her.

When Family Cannot Take Care of Elderly, What Can Be Done?

In June’s case, there was little family available to tend to her daily needs and provide her with the round-the-clock care she required. Her family was often out of state, but looking for a way they could keep in close communication and have someone there for their mother.

June’s family reached out to Austin Home Health to formulate a solution that would allow June to get the care she needed and deserved while making sure that family members were updated on her health on a regular basis.

Being stuck in bed and on oxygen can add a great deal of stress to an already monumental time of life reflection and contemplation. These times very often induce deep levels of panic and anxiety and June was not excluded.

An in-home caregiver was assigned to sit with June, tend to her personal needs, and provide her with much need companionship. The goal in scenarios like June’s is to work in conjunction with Hospice to make sure a senior is comfortable and not alone in their final months, weeks, and days.

There Is Never Basis for Guilt

It can be easy for family members to feel guilty about not being able to sit with their loved one 24-hours a day. However, this kind of dedicated care is a monumental task that very little families are able to manage on their own.

When we speak with seniors in Hospice, what we often find is that they are just looking to be comforted. They are understanding of family member’s who must tend to their own lives and appreciative to have in-home caregivers trained to help them deal specifically with the type of questions, emotions, and thoughts that come up in these times.

Asking an in-home caregiver to sit with your loved one is a bold move, which can result in a beautiful peace for all parties concerned. Knowing that your loved one has the companionship, care, and someone tending to any emergencies that might crop up can come as quite a relief.

There’s no easy way to say goodbye to a loved one, but knowing that no matter when they pass, they did so in the presence of someone who was kind, gentle, and compassionate with them, gives so many families peace of mind.

If you or your loved one is seeking in-home care, companionship, or simply has questions about the best way to approach this sensitive subject, we’d love to share some of the insight that has come from working with thousands of seniors in Austin, TX. Please give us a call to speak with one of our knowledgeable home care experts: (512) 766-0103