Case Study: Austin In-Home Care Success for Dementia

Our records indicate that 9 out of 10 aging adults would prefer to age in place. However, when a senior is suffering from dementia, it can be a nerve-racking experience for family members concerned with their loved one’s health.

This success story is about an Austin Home Health client who suffered from serious dementia that had come on suddenly. We’ve kept her anonymous for the sake of her privacy, but have gained her permission to share her success in an effort to inspire others in a similar scenario. For the ease of narrative, we’ll call her: Gale.

Gale’s dementia was discovered by her family under hectic and sudden circumstances. Gale was living alone and had a serious fall in her home. She was not discovered for days until found by a neighbor.

Gale Goes to Assisted Living Until Another Solution Could Be Found

Gale’s family was alerted to both her fall and her dementia, all in the same phone call. This sent them into a whirlwind of decisions that needed to be made, right away. No one in the family wanted Gale to have to move into assisted living, but no other option seemed apparent at the time and Gale needed to be monitored closely after her fall.

Unfortunately, Gale’s assisted living facility was not able to provide the personalized care and attention that her scenario called for. Those suffering from dementia often forget to change clothes, go to the bathroom, or take a shower. This can result in a myriad of health conditions that can exacerbate dementia but without personalized attention, can often go unnoticed.

Gale and her family felt that she had been placed in jail. So used to an expanded level of independence and freedom, the family decided they need to find a better option.

Austin Home Health Provides an Alternative Solution to Assisted Living in Austin

After consulting with Austin Home Health, it was decided that Gale would move into a home that was owned by the family. It was immediately recognized that with both adults in the family working, and children to be cared for, it was not going to be possible to give Gale the 24/7 care she required on their own.

One of the important things with clients suffering from dementia is just making sure they do not up and leave the house to go exploring. An in-home caregiver was chosen and placed with Gale so that she had the care and monitoring that her level of dementia required, while the family was able to maintain a healthy schedule of their own.

Gale was a very active person and craved that kind of stimulation. Our in-home caregiver is able to provide her with plenty of activity including—rehab exercises, nail salon appointments, and other trips around town. She also makes sure that Gale stays health by making sure she eats without forgetting meals, and assuring she showers and uses toilet facilities properly.

Finding the Right Personality of Caregiver for Dementia Seniors

Those living with someone suffering from dementia will know all too well that dementia patients can have their good days and bad days. This often means dealing with strong emotions like anger, grief, or frustration in a healthy manner. It’s important to have a caregiver who is well-trained in dealing with and helping process these emotions.

Austin Home Health was able to find a caregiver that matched Gale’s personality and allowed her space to properly vent, while remaining firm in agreed upon house rules and boundaries.

All of the services provided by Austin Home Health are designed not only to give care to seniors in need, but also to provide family members with peace of mind that their loved one is safe. We keep an open and frequent communication with family members so that they stay current with their loved one’s health.

If your loved one is suffering from dementia and you’re looking into in-home care options in Austin, TX, we’d love to speak with you about your options. Feel free to call our 24/7 support line, now: (512) 766-0103