Case Study: Austin In-Home Care After Fall & Brain Injury

We’re always hoping for the best for our clients and looking into ways we can shine a light on the path of least resistance. However, we understand that some things are just out of our control and when accidents happen, how we put the pieces back together can make all of the difference.

This success story is about a client who suffered an aggressive fall in her home which resulted in a pretty serious brain injury. We’ve kept her anonymous for the sake of her privacy, but have gained her permission to share her success in an effort to inspire others in a similar scenario. For the ease of narrative, we’ll call her: Ellen.

After Extensive Hospital and Rehab Stays, Ellen was Sent to Assisted Living

Due to the severity of Ellen’s fall and injuries, extensive rehabilitation was required. Upon leaving the hospital, it was decided by doctors and family that Ellen required a level of round the clock care and was referred to an assisted living facility in Austin as so many in her condition are.

Unfortunately, Ellen and assisted living were not a good match. Ellen was used to having her own independence and mobility and assisted living felt like a walled-prison to her. In addition, Ellen had a dog—Bentely—and Bentley was not allowed to come with her to the assisted living facility. Ellen was devastated.

An Alternative to Assisted Living That Allowed Pets

Ellen was adamant that she get home to Bentley, her beloved dog, and asked her family and doctors to look into other alternative options that would allow her and her pet to be together, once again.

This is how Austin Home Health met Ellen and her family. Austin Home Health was recommended by an Adult Protective Services agent familiar with Ellen’s situation. The family called in desperation. Ellen was clearly unhappy and her condition was always in a state of agitation because of it.

They needed options that would allow Ellen and Bentley to be together, while still providing Ellen with the care a serious brain injury requires.

A Short-Term and Long-Term In-Home Care Solution

As with so many families we meet with, it was not feasible for Ellen to move in with a family member. The amount of care, attention, and space required for Ellen’s condition was just too much for any one family to take on, while still maintaining full-time jobs and children.

Ellen would require assistance in getting to each of her weekly rehab and doctor’s appointments, in addition to more frequent care and attention from someone mindful that her cognitive functionality was not at full capacity after the fall.

Adding complexity to this scenario was that Ellen’s power of attorney holder lived out of state and would need to have close communication and updates on Ellen’s health.

Austin Home Health stepped in and facilitated the conversation and arrangements between Ellen and her family. It was determined that Ellen could, indeed, move back home, so long as the proper provisions were provided.

A planning period was used to determine and agree to best steps and a plan of action was put in place by Austin Home Health. It was decided that in-home care would unroll in a phased approach.

  1. Phase 1: An in-home caregiver took Ellen home from the assisted living facility she was in for a few hours every other day to assure it would be feasible for her to be there on a more full-time basis. During this phase, Ellen would stay the night with a family member or at the assisted living facility.
  2. Phase 2: An in-home caregiver was with Ellen for full daytime hours at her home to get her reacquainted with that environment and closely monitor her cognitive ability—and of course her ability to safely interact with Bentley.
  3. Phase 3: A 24/7 in-home caregiver was arranged to be with Ellen for 24-hours a day for a few weeks. The goal, here, was to make sure Ellen would be safe during the overnight hours at her own home.
  4. Phase 4: When Ellen’s condition had improved to the point that staying overnight at her home was no longer an issue. This 24/7 in-home caregiver was tapered down to only assisting during the day.

As it stands, this arrangement has been working beautifully. Ellen still has the in-home care she requires to have a safe recovery without fear of relapse or aggravating injury. The family is able to receive daily reports from the caregiver to stay up to speed with Ellen’s health, even with their busy schedule and out-of-state placement. And of course, Bentley and Ellen have been able to live happily ever after.

Successful In-Home Care Services provided by Austin Home Health for Ellen:

  • Transportation Services – Errands, Grocery Store, Appointments
  • Appointment Management – Dates/Times, Reminders
  • Meal Preparation Services
  • Personal Care Services
  • Ambulation Support – for clients with mobility issues
  • Cane/Walker Reminders and Assistance
  • Medication Reminders
  • Stand-by Assistance – during showers, toilet
  • Laundry Services
  • Dog / Pet Management

If your loved one is seeking alternative options to assisted living or your family is just interested in learning all of the many options that are available for home health care in Austin, we’d love to get on a phone call to speak with you. Feel free to call our offices 24/7 and talk to one of our home health experts to find a solution custom tailored to you and your family: (512) 766-0103