Austin In-Home Senior Care for Panic Attacks & Anxiety

As one approaches the end of one’s life, it is natural to have intense emotions that come to the surface, seemingly out of nowhere. Many seniors find that they experience varying levels of anxiety and depression as they grow in age. Sometimes it is due to lowered involvement in the community, others triggered by an array of physical or psychological factors.

Regardless of why you or a loved one are experiencing anxiety or the panic attacks that are often associated with anxiety, there are many ways in which one can ease the sense of stress or even impending doom, and move it towards a place of peace and calm.

Bringing In a Caregiver for Peace of Mind

While in-home health care covers many different forms of service, depending on one’s needs, an often overlooked aspect of in-home care in Austin is simply to have someone there who can assure you that you or your loved one is doing what needs to be done.

Our sense of well-being is intricately connected to the sense of community we have in our lives. Community can mean a church group, social club, dinner group, playing cards with friends, or just having someone you know you can call when something is on your mind.

As seniors and elderly persons grow in age that sense of community can diminish in intensity and without proactive companionship and community to fill the gap of social activities becoming more scarce, it’s easy to fall into a state of depression.

Austin Home Health has seen repeated success in helping seniors find caregivers who are not only a good match for their specific state of health, but also sourcing caregivers who are a good personality match and can provide much-needed companionship when things feel lonely.

Why Families Advocate for Companionship Caregiving

We know from working with thousands of families that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to be by your aging loved one’s side every moment of the day. Even when families are able to rearrange their lives to be there for the senior in their life, they quickly realize that they are often not the best-suited person for the care their loved one needs.

Having an on-site caregiver not only frees up much of the tedium and special skillsets required to care for someone with varying health conditions, but many Austin Home Health caregivers are specifically trained to help seniors deal with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

A good in-home caregiver in Austin can provide the following just by being in the room with a senior when they begin to experience anxiety or panic:

  • Assure the senior they are not going crazy
  • Help them focus on their breathing and encourage deep breaths
  • Make them aware of tension in the body and walk a senior through releasing it
  • Put soothing music on to help calm the nerves
  • Hold a seniors hand and listen while showcasing a human connection
  • Encourage a senior to take any relevant medication
  • Ask questions that help seniors make sense of their situation

It’s natural to feel a sense of anxiety when reflecting back on a long life. When family members are unable to be there for their aging loved ones, a skilled in-home caregiver can assure families that the situation will be handled in a way the creates a sense of calm and relief.

If you or a loved one is growing in age and suffering from a drop in mood or depression due to an ever-diminishing sense of community, it could be a great opportunity to bring in a compassionate caregiver. We’d love to answer any questions you have and give you more details about the programs offered by Austin Home Health—many starting as low as $100/week. Feel free to call our 24/7 home health support line now: (512) 766-0103